Yamuna is leading manufacturer and supplier of Pharma and electroplating mediatories. Our Research & Develoment department is working round the clock for providing efficient and pure chemical products to our valuable customers.

Our expertise in

1) Cuprous Cyanide(CuCN) - Our purity specification in this product is 98%. In dry condition the cuprous cynide or cupricin (CuCN) is proporation of copper with 70% and Cyanide with 28%. We make this product chloride free & removing other metal contents and impurity.

2) Zinc Cyainide (Zn(CN)2) - As per quality standard we produce this product also with 98% purity. In dry form the element of zinc is utilised at 54% and Cyanide at 44% . This product is also free from metal and chloride impurities.

3) Nickel Sulphate - (NiSO4.7H2O) – The vital combinations of hepta hidrated nickel sulphate(Ni) with minimum 21% and rest of Sulphate in wet base gives 98% purity. This one is also free from nitrite & other metal impurities.

4) Copper Sulphate (Cuso4.5H2O) On wet base it is composition of 25% of penta hidrated copper sulphate and rest of Sulphate makes the product result oriented and give 98% purity which is free from nitrite and other metal impurities.