Contract Manufacturing

Yamuna offers a wide range of services for manufacturing custom made products of highest yield and purity. Our diverse experience in carrying out multi staged productions under controlled parameters processes and blending, filteration,centrifugation, crystallization & drying operations helps customers in fine tuning their requirements.

Our unique and integrated production capabilities facilitate a strong program of made-to-order items. Since we manufacture many of our own starting materials, we maintain total control over every production process.

This enables us to make adjustments to materials and processing techniques at whatever point necessary to match the exact requirements of our customers' specifications.

Spacious, well equipped and maintained facilities are available for producing fine chemicals, intermediates or finished products.

If you require immediate job work and unique business solution, process scale-up, or an extension of your manufacturing line, Contact us or write to "Contract & Customise Production" to find an appropriate solution that meets your needs.